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Amity Privacy Policy

Information submitted to the Amity Foundation, such as questions submitted to, are held in the strictest confidence and are not made public under any circumstances. If the user has any questions about the confidentiality of material submitted through, please contact, Amity Special Projects Coordinator, at (520) 749-5980, or by e-mail at

Amity maintains a mailing list that it uses from time to time to send out greeting cards, public announcements, and other information. The Amity Foundation mailing list is the property of the Amity Foundation and it is not leased, sold, shared or otherwise disseminated to any other agency or corporation under any circumstances. Anyone who is on the Amity mailing list will receive mailings ONLY from Amity! Your privacy is important to us.

As part of the Amity Foundation Web site, there is a section for alumni, called the Alumnist. The Alumnist portion of the site contains chats and bulletin boards. Amity expects any information posted on the chats or bulletin boards to be mature, intelligent discussions. Amity Foundation reserves the right to restrict access to those sites to individuals who abuse them, as well as to remove any offensive, negative, racist, or other derogatory information. Persons using the chats and/or bulletin boards are advised that both forums are PUBLIC, and that any information posted may be viewed by any and all visitors to the Amity Foundation Web site. As a result, we strongly urge all users of the chats and/or bulletin boards to carefully consider what information they choose to make public. By using the chats or bulletin boards, all users hereby acknowledge that they realize both formats are public and hold Amity Foundation harmless and free of any and all liability for any acts or actions that may occur because a user posted information on the public chats and/or bulletin boards. If offensive material is detected in the chats and/or bulletin boards, please IMMEDIATELY report them to

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