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The Amity Foundation provides an array of services based on the Therapeutic Community model


The Amity Foundation provides an array of services based on the Therapeutic Community model

Staff and Residents at the Amistad de Los Angeles facility

The Amity Foundation provides an array of services based on the Therapeutic Community model* in a variety of physical settings. In general the services provided for Amity participants contain individual and group therapies that are specialized according to the actual setting and recipient of the activities. For instance certain of the Amity residential campuses are specifically for male or female participants. This requires that the curriculum be gender specific dealing with issues related to that particular campus.

The Amity communities at this time are involved in the following settings:

Residential, Transition and Continuance Services – provide living quarters as well as the daily therapeutic community model in which participants learn to live as a community, as well as receiving therapeutic individual services, family reunification services, educational and vocational training. click for the residential ranch website

In-Prison Services – provide the therapeutic community model to qualifying members within particular prison settings so they can work on individual and group issues while still incarcerated. This service is particularly effective in prison and has assisted ‘lifers’ (inmates that do not have the option to leave prison), in cleaning up and giving back to their fellow inmates what they have learned.

Outreach, Community Based and Prevention Services – provide therapeutic community model on a daily basis for participants without them living in a residential setting together. Besides for receiving individual and group therapeutic services, family reunification, parenting, educational training, vocational training and housing services are provided as well. One of the prevention/care services provided for participants besides for the substance abuse community is for HIV/AIDS at risk populations.

Family Reunification and Parenting Services – are provided within the therapeutic community model whether it is residential or outreach/community based. These services are particularly important to forestall the generational patterns of substance abuse and other behaviors related to it.

Curriculum Training and Education – are provided to Amity staff and individual counselors interested in learning the Therapeutic Community model. Specific training modalities have been provided to address gender specific issues as well as cross-training has been made available for individuals who provide ancillary services to the Amity community in order for them to fulfill their services in a way that is keeping with the Therapeutic Community model.

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*For information in the Therapeutic Community Model see:
Community as Method; De Leon, George; Praeger Publishers.
Therapeutic Communities for Addictions: De Leon, George and Zeigenfuss, James, T.; Charles C. Thomas Publishers.